Crypto Legacy - Legado de Cripto
1 min readJan 31, 2023

💥 CVL token has not been pumped yet 🚀 as the launch is taking place on February 13th.

💥 They do marketing on SHIBA and FLOKI level. I haven’t seen such campaigns in a while.

✅ Mission: to build an easy to use wallet that even newbies can use, being NON-CUSTODIAL at the same time. Ability to pay for GAS without GAS in your wallet — that sounds great.

✅ Everything you need in your wallet, so it’s the only wallet you need!

✅ Users will get tiered benefits on the platform based on their CVL holdings. Some of the benefits include access to CVL launch pads and retroactive incentives from strategic partners, and a chance to pay no fees on the p2p platform.

✅ You can pay commission and vote with CVL token

‼️ The wallet launch will be done with a huge GIVEAWAY of iPhones, Tesla Shares and other transactions for a total of $500,000

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Crypto Legacy - Legado de Cripto

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