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Alfred, [02.08.21 09:00]

@Markkussx are you there?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe are you there?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe



We welcome everyone to join us at this prestigious AMA event with MedicalDoge

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Good day to everyone! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to meet your community.


How are you?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Doing great! But been busy lately because the COVID situation here is not getting better.

How bout you guys?


I am fine

Well, what do you think if we start with the AMA

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe


Very excited to introduce to you guys our project.



Introductory questions

P1. Can you provide a short introduction about MedicalDoge equipment?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Hello to everyone, my name is Abe of medical Doge. We are a team of 5, and just like Bennie our CEO I’m actually a Physician by profession same with the other members of the team. While Bennie’s from the medical field, on the other hand I’m from the surgical Field. We are currently working at our local Government COVID facility and we handle COVID patient every day.

I’ve been in crypto from 2018, I’ve tried day trading, but because of the demands of work I’ve been doing DCA, shit coins and meme coins lately. We’ve talked about this a lot with Bennie and the team how frustrating it is to work in a losing battle due to lack of resources and support and seeing COVID cases increases everyday.
One day we were talking of our portfolio, and it came up why not make a coin with use case, where investors can earn at the same time could help our current predicament and help the COVID situation in our country.
The decision to be doxxed was to promote trust and confidence in he community, our investors and future partners and with this partnership, we really want to be able to help the COVID situation here in our country.



Next question

P2. Where does the name MedicalDoge come from and what services does this platform offer?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Medicaldoge is a charity token build on the binance smart chain. The goal of this coin is to assist healthcare here in our country the Philippines. Currently we are under the pandemic and it’s really hard to manage patients where resources are scarce and we don’t have enough medications, equipments rooms and etc.
The name MedicalDoge came up because most of us are from the medical field and the main goal our our project is to aid the medical facilities to fight COVID 19 and later after we win our battle against covid, we want to continue the fight against Non-COVID related medical needs.
Our vision for this coin is to be able to donate and assist our government facilities in this fight against COVID. My colleagues would want to share basic necessities for the health care workers, including personal protective equipment, respirator masks and the likes and that would be done if we are successful in this project. Oxygen tanks would be donated to accommodate the need of the patients.


It is good to see these types of projects that send a positive message

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Thank you. We really need all the need we can get especially in the current situation we are all in.


Next question

P3. What is that milestone in MedicalDoge that you are most proud to achieve?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Currently, Medical Doge is at the early stage of its Development. But we can proudly say that the demand was very good for during the private sale we had almost a thousand whitelisters and we had to open additional slots for the private sale.

We also have 8 youtube influencers to talk about the project, 5 twitter influencers to talk about the project, we also have more than 5 different TG communities of different nationalities. We had 2 audits done by coinscope and tech audit, and we’ve passed it with flying colors. Not to mention an organic TG members of more than 6k and are very active.


Excellent answer
Last question

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Thank you.


P4. What plans does MedicalDoge have for this 2021?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

We already finished our private sale and filled all 100 slots and had to add 50 more.
Next we will have our presale sale via DxSale on August 4. With a Soft cap 1k BNB and a Hard cap is 2k BNB. This would be via DxSale with a minimum buy of 0.1 bnb and maximum of 5bnb.

Marketing and promotions are very important leading to the public sale. That’s why we already set up with different influences to do scheduled twitter raid, live banner and promotions on different coin listing sites. Two more youtube videos will also be posted by popular youtube influencers like PJ Daniels and Jim Crypto.
Once the hard cap will be filled, we will let the community decide when will the listing be on pancake swap. Simultaneous the listing on pancake swap, we will open a staking vault on panther swap and have the MDDoge coin be listed also on Coinsbit Exchange.
After listing, more promotions will be done. And we already identifies health facilities to whom the donations will be given. Every thing will be documented and we will post it on telegram and the website for the community to see the help they have extended to those needing it most.


when will the private sale be?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

We already finished the private sale last July 31. And Already burned the rest of the tokens on Private sale.
PRESALE will be on August 4, 2 PM UTC via DX Sale. If you join the presale you will actually have a chance to get the MDDoge token for about 7% less than the listing price.



Thanks for your answers, we just finished the segment of:
Introductory questions

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Thank you everyone for your kind attention. Now I’m excited to hear out the community and answer your questions.


We move on to the segment of:
Twitter questions


As I know you’re currently on the early phase of launch of your roadmap. Can you give us details about your presale? What are the requirements to participate in the presale? what happen if there are unsold tokens?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Hi Genesis, That’s a very important question.
The PRESALE will be on August 4, 2PM UTC. Every one can join the presale of DXSALE, no need for other requirements.
Our soft cap will be 1000BNB and our Hard cap will be 2000BNB. Minimum buy will be 0.1 BNB and Maximum buy will be 5BNB.
Ofcourse, all unsold tokens will be BURNED. remember this project has 0 Dev wallet. All unused tokens will be BURNED.


What is the $ MDDOGE STRONGHOLD SOCIETY, I see that I can increase my tokens from 5% to 20% if I belong to this. What is the concept and what should I do to join?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Hello Rosbeli, I can see your interest and have read one of our programs to reward our holders.

MDDOGE Stronghold Society

This is an exclusive group for members with Diamond Hands. Any member with more than 100M tokens and with only less than 20% sell transactions may join. We will have a whitelisting so that we are able to choose who are eligible to join the exclusive group. Every week, everyone will have equal chance. If chosen, we will increase (via lottery), the number of MDDOGE tokens from 5% to as high as 20%. This will be done in a weekly basis. Any member with less than 100M because of selling will not be able to stay in the exclusive group. So yes, this is designed to encourage holding of our token.



$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Yes, we really want to reward our community especially those who will HODL and be with us long term.

Because we are for long term and we believe we can achieve this together with our community.


How can I become an exclusive member of Medical Doge and what are the benefits of being an exclusive member?
Is it like a vip or premium access to your platform?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Hi Josuhanny, all you have to do is be part of the MDDoge community and we treat all our members like VIP. That’s why we are doing everything we can to promote and market the coin, multiple youtube videos, tiktok posts, Multiple twitter posts, because in a way by being part of the MDDoge community you will also feel like a celebrity.

But I think what you mean by exclusive member is being part of the MDDOGE STRONGHOLD SOCIETY. Since we appreciate our diamond hand members, those who have more than 100M MDDOGE Tokens with sell transactions of only 20% can have the chance to be chosen to have their holdings increase by 5–20%.


I read that Medical Doge aims to build its own Community-driven Health Facility, still, can you please share some of the milestones STEP Medical Doge must achieve to begin the development of this facility? Being community-driven, how do you plan to develop a community-forward framework?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Yes you are right Alister, our aim is to make a community driven charity token that will donate and help different covid facilities in our locality.

To achieve this, it is important for us to have the community get involved. That’s why we work double time in promotions and marketing to have a very successful presale and public sale launch. Of course it does not end there, since we aim for this project long term, we have set up different strategies for the community and investors not only to extend their help but also to get rewarded and earn as well.

The ultimate and most ambitious goal of medicaldoge is to establish its own community-driven health facility, that is with the help of the investors to buy more MDDOGE to increase the value of our token. If we say community-driven, it requires a lot of active participation from the members. We aim to expand the community with each different nationality and form a stronger bond with good interpersonal interaction. Building faith is the utmost priority and we will do our best to achieve this ultimate goal.



Last question


Your roadmap says that by Q4 of 2021 to 2022 you are planning to launch $MDDOGE Merchandise Community-driven HealthFacility. On what all criterias can community vote on? Are planning to launch a chain of Global healthcare facilities or will it be restricted to a region region?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Hi Aravind, you are actually one with us with that question.
Yes. Community-driven facility establishment is the ultimate goal of this project. When we have decided to try building health facility, criteria on which the community can vote on will include the location and most importantly the services being offered to the specific community in the region.

A global healthcare facility would be pretty ambitious, but if this token gets pretty successful, then it would sound pretty reasonable to move with our best foot and go Global forward for the future of the token


We just finished the segment of:
Twitter questions

Now we move on to the segment of:
Live questions

take the time you want to answer, but answer a minimum of 5 questions


How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you plan to develop many different communities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, … about your project so that they can easily communicate and understand your project?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Awareness is actually very important to us, because since this is a charity token it is very important to get as much people as possible to get involved. I will post below the medium we have used to get known and establish awareness, and the different international communities we have that are involved with the project. I will also provide information of the latest happenings of our coin.


This is Official!
Presale via DxSale on Aug 4, 2021, 2pm UTC!
Softcap 1000 BNB
Hardcap 2000 BN
Min 0.1 BNB
Max 5 BNB
5% liquidity, locked for 5 years
25% used for for marketing, charity, and airdrops


A Charity Token for COVID19 and Non-COVID19 Health Facilities with STAKING Opportunity.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 Tokens
More than 50% burn prior to listing
Rewards Distribution and Airdrops
Exclusive group for DIAMOND hands
Interact with Doctors/Frontliners

8% redistributed to all HOLDERS
Staking once Listed (priority)!



Please guys, make a vote for our coin listed at

Site is having tens of thousand of visitors daily!!!!

Just 1 second to vote please?

Revote after 60 seconds


Let’s roll as a community!


Comment and Upvote guys!!!


Let Our Presence Be Felt $MDDOGE Community!
Comment, like and subscribe to their channel









Marcvo Haravan

MedicalDoge Communities are growing steadily. We thank you for your support!

Chinese communities

Vietnemese Communities

Arab Community

Japanese Community

South Korean Community










Whats the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

As listed on our website, Tokenomics will be as follows:

Token Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 MDdoge tokens. 1 trillion
5% Private sale
20% Presale
10% Listing in Pancakeswap
60% Token Burn
5% Marketing and charity

The Marketing and charity wallet will be lock for 6 MONTHS. This will be used for charity events.

Once the token will be listed, there will be 10% transaction fee, 8% as redistribution rewards, and 2% will be locked forever as liquidity in the Pancakeswap. Slippage will be 15 to 20% to have a successful transaction. 12% is also pretty high for bots not to take part in the trade since transactions taxes will drain them.


How can we be sure that at your project we will not be mugged, scammed and robbed like on other platforms, and how do they provide users with a safe project in which they can invest and earn real money?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Your security is actually one of our top priority. We’ve been in the cryptospace for some time too and we’ve also experienced being scammed. And one of our discussions with the team is how to make the project as secure as possible and how to make the community feel secured.
The security of the product is the contract itself. We generated it via the DxMint from the DxApp and this is certified by their platform. In the world of crypto, even doxxed teams do not reassure us from rugpulls. I can’t even be any more flowery with my statements just to attract new investors.
We also have been recently audited by coinscope and tech audit and we passed it with flying colors.
The best way to assess us is to join our telegram community. We are having frequent voice chats, so that the community knows that we are here and we are ready to answer all their questions and doubts. You can have a conversation with me and or the rest of the team. But one thing I can guarantee, We aim to help the community and the healthcare centers and they would be benefiting the most. And all will be documented.
The decision to be doxxed was to promote trust and confidence in our investors and future partners and with this partnership, and with this trust we can make this project of ours grow and together we prosper.


Excuse Me
Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Yes, we actually have scheduled token Burn aside from those unsold tokens. 30% will be burned once soft cap is reached then scheduled burn 5% every 2 weeks.


In terms of development and growth, what your project currently focused on? What are the next steps to follow? What’s coming for your project?

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Same with the other questions, growth and development is important to us and most especially the investors. That’s why simultaneously during public sale listing on pancakeswap we will have our coins listing on different platforms like coinsbit and also open a staking vault with pantherswap. And with the Stronghold society and redistribution of coins per transaction, members will be rewarded for holding there MDDoge at the same time can earn thru staking.

Thank you guys! We really appreciate all questions and interest in our project! How to see you soon in our community!


Thank you very much for sharing your successful project with our community, we will be waiting for the news and milestones of your project!

$MDDOGE Mod- Abe

Our pleasure guys!

Charity token built on Binance Smart Chain! Our aim is to provide assistance to COVID19 and Non-COVID19 Facilities.

📚More information about MedicalDoge:



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