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Whether you want to send ‘Happy Birthday’ with a MoonAss tip to a friend or loved one, or engage in the P2P trash talk.

Alfred, [21.06.21 11:04]

@BuzzMoon are you there?


We start!


Hey guys how’s it going


Welcome @BuzzMoon


We welcome all those who join us in this prestigious AMA event with MoonAss

How are you?


Thank you for having me

Doing great thanks man how about yourself?



Well, what do you think if we start with the AMA


I’m ready when you guys are


Introduction Questions

P1. Can you provide a brief introduction about the MoonAss team?


We are a group of long term investors with a project knowledge and technical background who want to provide real utility in the crypto space.

There is far too many pointless coins in the crypto space we wanted to create one people could actually use and benefit from.



Next question

P2. Where does the name MoonAss come from and what services does this platform offer?


Well it’s simple really, It’s about a donkey (ASS) on the moon! Our mascot Cecil of course!

In all seriousness, we are providing the world’s first project on blockchain that will allow you to send messages between wallets with your transactions, the possibilities really are endless, from a serious note or document sent within the smart contract or playful smack talk between users to a happy birthday. We cater for all.


P3. What is that milestone at MoonAss that you are most proud to achieve?


Every milestone we have accomplished! We have a very strong team, whom are highly reliable and simply gets things done.

Our latest milestone completed was our audit on our smart contract.

Our smart contract passed with flying colours, described by the auditors as solid code. You can see our audit report here - (

Another milestone we recently completed was the testing phase of our smart contracts functions. This was very exciting to see the proof of concept, how well it works and what this will be able to offer users.


P4. What plans does MoonAss have for this 2021?


Our ILO will be booked and announced today / tomorrow and then our UI will be released sometime in July. Once this is live users will have a real world use case for MOASS and the moon mission can really begin!

Our roadmap is quite extensive but we are very well equipped to meet the challenge, make sure to check out all our information at and also on our medium page —

You can bet your sweet MoonAss that we have a bunch of fun and serious surprises in store for you all along the way



Thank you for your answers, we just finished the segment of:
Introductory Questions

We go to the segment of:
Twitter Questions


Is it really required to be a holder of a certain amount of $ MOASS tokens both to be able to send messages and to be able to read them? Or would it be necessary to also participate in a staking?


Staking is automatic and just by holding the $MOASS token you will receive more. You can send or receive any amount of $MOASS however big or small, we have built on BSC to keep transaction costs to a absolute minimum and transaction speeds fast. This will provide a smooth chain for our users to interact on our UI.

It will be free to read messages that you’ve sent & received. You will need to login by connecting your wallet (MetaMask preferably) to our UI and then you will be able to see all transactions / messages, which we call ‘Slaps’, that have been received and sent with that account.




What advantages does MoonAss have for the project and for users, being the first token to use messaging on the blockchain? What is positive about this in the ecosystem in general?


We have built into our tokenomics a system to benefit all $MOASS holders by rewarding them every single time a transaction is made with the token. This encourages people to hodl rather than dump for a quick gain. Our ecosystem is designed to greatly reward long term holders.

Being the first blockchain project to use messaging on chain between users, this opens up a whole world of possibilities and reasons to use $MOASS, whether it be legal documents immortalised on-chain between parties, slap stick trash talk between users or trolling influencers you’ve always wanted to, with our character allowance you could even write a small novel. All is immortalised on-chain! We cater for all.


According to their market research on the best places to launch their token because they decided to use unicrypt for their project, can you explain what makes it better than other platforms?


Of course, we did plenty of market research into which platform would be best for us to launch our token fairly and safely. We are community driven and want the best for them therefore decided unicrypt would be the best place to host.

Unicrypt has a great community and excellent developer support. There’s a lot of platforms that just leave you to it and don’t care about the projects or investors, unicrypt are the opposite.

They run a fair and safe sale and automatically lock liquidity / list the token directly on pancake swap after the ILO is complete. They also work with (who have just completed our contract security audit) to ensure projects launching are safe and legitimate.

Myself and the team have watched many ILOs take place for them and are satisfied that it will be the best place for us to launch.


In the crypto keep the deflation for the tokens, this stable is a challenge to this mechanism of autostaking as gives the value of the tokens and the holders for the tokens remain on the rise in a market now that this bearish, this method as holders guaranteed to us also.continue


Sorry I’m not entirely sure of the question here!

I think it’s in regards to our auto-staking mechanism which is built into our smart contract and will be active always.

We will be publishing our litepaper at the beginning of this week so make sure to check that out as it may answer your question! If not, please feel free to ask me in our community or in a DM I would be happy to answer


I understand that your native token is deflationary, therefore when making a transfer a percentage of tokens is reduced. My question is, specifically what is the transaction fee that the MOASS token has? Is it 8% or 3% in total? And what is the total supply currently?


Nice question!

Yes that is correct we are a deflationary auto-staking meme utility coin!

The 8% transaction fee is applied to all buys, sells, transfers and messages sent on our UI.

It is split into 5% that will be automatically and instantly redistributed to all $MOASS holders and 3% that will be automatically and instantly burned.

We plan to not whitelist the burn wallet, meaning it will also be subject to rewards thus acts as a secondary burning mechanism to deflate the supply even further!

The contract will be deployed this week with a total supply of 350million $MOASS, NO MORE can be created.

The supply will begin deflating as soon as then ILO is completed.


350 million wow


We just finished the segment of:
Twitter Questions

Now we move on to the segment of:
Live Questions

take the time you want to answer but please answer a minimum of 5 questions


The original idea for MoonAss was created among 4 friends keen on achieving a social experiment, though, what made you try and get the blockchain to perform such a simple social activity as exchanging a message? How did you manage to immortalize words and superficial information in blockchain forever?


By utilizing the blockchain we are immortalising our transactions, we are now going a step further and immortalising text with those transactions which opens up a whole world of possibilities that haven’t yet been tapped into

Your words will be on chain FOREVER


Are your tokenomics designed to benefit holders in the long term and not in a pump and dump And how do you plan to fulfill your goal in the user interface, as well as that the creations are immortalized on a chain forever and therefore durable and intriguing for all newcomers?


Yes they are :) there are too many rug pulls in this market and it’s getting ridiculous, it really is a shame to see.

We see barely any coins / tokens with little if any purpose at all. We want to provide users with a purpose for the token and also an incentive to hold it for the long term.

We plan for ongoing upgrades to our UI and have plenty of influencers and sports personnel lined up, we aim to keep momentum high.


Very Important Question
Q)Which do you think is more important:
1⃣ Community
2⃣ Investors
3⃣ Token Price

If all of the above is important to you, which should come first?

Thank You


Community comes first every time. If you don’t have a solid community you could never achieve 2, 3 and that’s what everyone wants in the end.

It is key to have a strong community and we have many plans and completions to keep ours entertained along the way


For each project, community factors contribute to the success of the project. Do you have any plans for long-term community development??????


Yes indeed! We plan to introduce a governance token towards the end of the year to give our community voting rights.

The long term community members will
gain the most by our ongoing rewards built into our smart contract.


Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them?Will you have any other DeFI feature like staking, yiekd farm or NFT in the future? Can share a little about your roadmap???????


It’s not currently for sale but will be this week.

Our ILO will be getting organised tomorrow so will be announcing the time and link for the token sale.

We will most definitely be looking into NFTs that is on our roadmap which you can view on our site -


HellO sir

Binance smart Chain blockchain is having high transaction speed and cheap gas fees, Are you planning to launch your mainet or switch to other blockchains in the future?


Yes we will definitely be exploring other chains. It’s on the roadmap for Q3 this year but if I’m honest cross chain is something we’re always talking about. The crypto space is developing so fast there are some really amazing chains around!

We’ve chose BSC for the exact reasons you’ve stated. We want our UI to be quick and efficient unfortunately ETH just doesn’t cut it right now! I think our community will benefit much more from our choice to build in binance smart chain :)


Thank you for your concrete and precious answers!


You’re more than welcome


thank you very much for sharing your successful project with our community, we will be waiting for the news and milestones of your project!

MoonAss (MOASS) is a deflationary, auto-staking utility coin built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Enabling P2P trash talk combined with a tipping system that benefits each holder, with each message sent.

📚More information about MoonAss:




Bienvenido a la comunidad hispanohablante más amistosa y educativa que encontrarás en cripto!

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Crypto Legacy - Legado de Cripto

Crypto Legacy - Legado de Cripto

Bienvenido a la comunidad hispanohablante más amistosa y educativa que encontrarás en cripto!

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