AMA Recap of Crypto Legacy x Invaderverse by Bitcrush CEO

The mothership and the core of our whole Invaderverse, is live now with our innovative non-custodial live wallet, staking 2.0, casino games, lottery, and much more on the way. Visit now to find out how is changing Gamefi forever.

Alfred, [23/2/2022 9:01 A. M.]

@moondriver1 are you there?

Moon Driver

Heyyy ! Yes! Let me introduce Bitcrush!! He’s our CEO


Hey guys!

Had trouble typing for a second but I made it

How ’s everyone doing this evening/morning wherever you may be

It’s evening for me out this way. I’m currently in SEA


i am fine

We welcome everyone to join us at this prestigious AMA event with INVADERVERSE

Well, what do you think if we start with the AMA


Sure let’s do it!

Moon Driver

Yeees! Lets go!


Introductory questions

Q1. Can you provide a brief introduction to the core team behind INVADERVERSE?



We’re a small but passionate team from around the globe, ranging from Asia to Europe to S. America, and we’re growing in numbers every day. I myself have been in the crypto space since well before the 2017 bull run. In that time I’ve seen a lot of good and bad come and go, but I really love the DeFi space and what it’s doing at the moment. All the attention the space is getting right now is monumental in the long term great for greater blockchain adoption I think. So many people I know now understand Eth and smart contracts because they were introduced by NFTs. How wild is that? The thing I love most about DeFi is allowing people the freedom to invest in their futures the way they want to. It’s empowering and I love that.

In addition to the blockchain side, we also have years of experience in entrepreneurship/business dev, the online casino industry, advanced degrees in marketing, and more. We now have an amazing Game Dev team, as well as just onboarding an awesome marketing team this week.

Joining me tonight is also our CTO @Semili93 who is an electrical engineer, as well as our resident smart contract and react wizard, and our lovely CMO @moondriver1.

We’ve always had a game first approach. This is why we built the casino before launching our pools/farms. Gamefi has always been part of the plan, even as back as far as the first WP in 2019 pre-Defi. Back then it wasn’t play to earn, it was called behavioral mining, or wager mining.

Even now with our games, I tell my team we’re not P2E, but P2E(sq), which is

I’ll just say done when I finish answering


excellent … P2E(sq)

Q2. What potential does your native token have and what are its different use cases?


We’re introducing our new, and secondary token called $NICE, which stands for Nice Invaders Crush Everything, which will become the currency or our entire Invaderverse.

Our first token $CRUSH was designed to be deflationary, with a secondary token always in the roadmap. $CRUSH was meant to lead the way, and then fall back while a primary currency took over. In addition to $NICE powering our upcoming pools and farms, our games, marketplace, etc will all be centered around earning and using $NICE for purchases to power the economy, while $CRUSH use case will be relegated to staking and recieving rewards and revenue. For instance in our upcoming game N.I.C.E. Invaders, $NICE production will begin by an Emperor NFT staking $CRUSH to begin the $NICE production, and $NICE will be earned, used for resources, buying and selling characters, and everything else. Additionally $NICE will be used to reward Crushed NFT holders, land shares, and so on. While the use case of $NICE will continue to be expanded, deflationary mechanisms are in place to control the rate of inflation.


we expect the expansion of $NICE in 2022 to mark many milestones


Yes exaclty the reason


Q3. Can you talk a bit about your prospects and how they will benefit from your products and services?


Before I jump in I do like to emphasize one thing, and that is we are not a degen project. We are not aiming for a 20x in 3 weeks only to abandoned the project. We’re creating something long term we want to 1000x over 2–3 years. A lot of projects still doing well right now were launched last bullrun, and that’s how we approach things.

Bitcrush is a GameFi platform launched on BSC back in June 21, with product rolling out over the last half of the year. Our first use case focused on a hybrid system of casino games. There was discussion post IDO to pivot directly into Gamefi first, but our hybrid system has merit outside of casino games so we thought it best to continue down that path.

We’re calling it a hybrid system for a few reasons.

First of all we’re integrating DeFi concepts into iGaming. One important distinction to make is that we are first and foremost a DeFi and gaming platform that is launching casino games as our first use case, not a casino using crypto payments. This is important to note, as we’re working hard to introduce the transparency you deserve in DeFi, that other casinos just aren’t providing at the moment.

Being active in DeFi for some time now we’ve seen some projects attempt to give their token use case by adding games. The issue is that blockchain and casino functionality are kind of at odds. (no pun intended haha)

While decentralized casino games are trustless and can provide a more fair experience (albeit not fully decentralized), they’re slow and expensive, and provide kind of a lame gaming experience. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed how decentralized casino games are just kind of a bit “different” than traditional casino games. Not to mention all the transaction fees eat into your sweet profits. It’s tedious, and expensive, but it’s transparent.


“We are not aiming for a 20x in 3 weeks only to abandoned the project. We’re creating something long term we want to 1000x over 2–3 years. “


On the other hand are of course provably fair/centralized crypto casinos, which offer a superior gaming experience. However, while they do accept crypto, they are custodial and centralized, meaning you must trust them with your funds. When you deposit, you need to hope they will give you your funds back at some point. If they rug, or get shut down, there’s nothing you can do.

Where we differ is a live wallet contract that links with our own provably fair games, as well as 3rd party slots, that allows you to play without the need for custodial deposits. What does that mean? When you deposit, your funds are kept in the smart contract, and you can get them back any time. If our server or front end goes down, or if we’re shut down for any reason, you can claim your funds back from the smart contract directly at any time. This allows for the transparency of decentralized games, while offering the better experience of centralized game play. This happens without the need to Sign up, give us your email, or anything else like that. Find the game you want, add funds, play, and feel safe knowing if anything happens your funds are there waiting for you. It all involves a complex dance between the server and blockchain with constant syncing at different intervals, transactions we pay for as the house I might add, and allows for a simpler and more streamlined non-custodial system. Additionally our staking pool 2.0 is auto-compounding, that in addition to rewards, you also get auto-compounding casino profits.

Now that Bitcrush and Bitcrush Arcade are rolling out their products, and $CRUSH is entering it’s deflationary phase, it’s time to introduce phase 2, which involves what we’re calling the Invaderverse.

This includes our cross-chain multiplayer Planetary builder attack and defense game N.I.C.E. Invaders, our Crushed NFT collection Mad N.I.C.E. Invaders, and open world sandbox Crush Planet.

Mad N.I.C.E. Invaders Crushed NFTs will begin minting early March, with N.I.C.E. Invaders rolling out late Q2.

$NICE (which stands for Nice Invaders Crush Everything) is the currency that runs it all, while $CRUSH transitions into more of a share token.

To break it all down, we have Bitcrush (defi), Bitcrush Arcade (Defi casino), N.I.C.E. Invaders (P2E), Mad N.I.C.E. Invaders (nfts), and Crush Planet (openworld sandbox)

You can see more at

as well as our teaser video here



let’s go with another question

Q4. What is that milestone at INVADERVERSE that you are most proud to achieve?


Tbh, I love everything we do. How do you choose your favorite child? I’m proud of Bitcrush and all we’ve acocmplished. I think our Crush NFTs are not only aamzing, but really interesting tech, I think our P2E game is coming out super super cool, and I’m so excited for how we will be differentiating ourselves with Crush Planet.

I love it all


last question!

Q5. What plans does INVADERVERSE have for this 2022?


Ok. I’ll answer but let me paste my roadmap real fast so you can do a deep dive post ama

We have a ton of products rolling out for Bitcrush, Bitcrush Arcade, our Crushed NFTs, N.I.C.E. Invaders, and Crush Planet. In addition we have a marketplace in development as well

All which will be rolling out this year

Not to mention we have our FTM Bridge built and audited, follwed shortly by Heco, and the Eth and Poly on the list as well

It’ll be a busy busy year, but thats how we like it


wow, that roadmap looks huge! it seems that this year will be very active for you


In addition to our core devs, we have game development partners who have joined forces with us

you can see them here

oh yeah we just onboarded a big marketing firm that helped moon Crypto Blades

We’re in a great position right now. Can’t wait to have all of you join us!

Yeah join our Tg and discord. We have them in both places!

@moondriver1 can direct everyone


Thanks for your answers, we just finished the segment of:
Introductory questions
We move on to the segment of:
Twitter questions


Doing my research I could see that you had a change of development team after the first experience with $CRUSH. What contributions and improvements has the new team made and what is the vision of the project for $NICE?


Yeah I think it happens with new projects a lot. I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’ve gone through this before. The original team built a great product for us previously. But for some reason when it came to launching Bitcrush, they we’re overly confident, but greatly under delivered. Once we figured this out, we offboarded immeditely, and pivoted. It’s always tricky, but the key is to take action and get the work done. This was back in November, and I can hoenstly say we’ve grown so much since making that change. We’re in a much much better situation than we were before. Sometimes these things can be good in the long run, and I don’t think we’de be expanding like this if we were still with the old team. In fact I know we wouldn’t.


Bircrush has spent months perfecting an inverter bankroll system that allows players to wager chips on a share of the house winnings. What is the BitCrush Bakroll system? How does this Bankroll system work? Why is this type of system profitable?


So first of all, our defi casino uses a custom, non-custodial live wallet that we built. What that does is add transparency to centralized games becuase you can always retreive your funds directly, even if the site shuts down for any reason. This is a tricky dance between the blcockhain and the server, and it’s one that we actually pay for as the platform.

What’s cool about this is the use case beyond casino, with our upcoming games. It allows users on the same planet to team up and share profits, even when on different chains, and will even allow for micro-transactions on Ethereum on Crush Planet.

So we used this system to allow users to stake $CRUSH to grow the bankroll, which are the pool of funds that player winnings will come from, and reward them with auto-compunding casino profits in return. We as they house always put up the funds for initial losses, and since our launch four months ago, the user staked bankroll has never gone negative.


I read that with the launch of $NICE will come farms, groups and an updated participation group. Could you explain a bit about the function of these groups? What are these benefits to be gained by joining the groups? Will they be totally free to the community?


Ok I’m a bit confused by groups here as I’m not sure what’s being referred to. The only thing I can think of is the NFT characters in game so I’ll discuss that a bit.

Our game N.I.C.E. Invaders has 10 characters, each with their own game loop, and they will team up together to stake $CRUSH to earn $NICE, expand their planet and civilization, attack, defend, form guilds, and more.

Each NFT has a corresponding game character that can be claimed, meaning when you buy the NFT colleciton piece, you now have a game character of that same role with similar rarity. You can sell each independently, or you can keep them both in the same wallet, and earn rewards from our marketplace. When the colleciton piece and the game character are in the same wallet, even cross chain, we are calling those Crushed NFTs, and you will earn rewards.

As a side note, the Emperor NFT is very valuable in the Invaderverse, almost like God Mode. There are only 100 planets, and only 100 Emperors. Each planet requires an Emperor to start the production of $NICE for that planet, recruit the other 9 characters, and so on. They can also step into the roll of the other characters as well

Even in Crush Planet, Emperors will be able to mint their own metaverse planet, have their own real estate sales, and build their planet as if its their own metaverse

Only 75 Emperors will be sold, and only 100 will ever exist. Minting of these happen in a few weeks


those features sound very interesting


$CRUSH is becoming the stock token to get the rewards for all the daily activities done by $NICE. What will then be the ratio between the two tokens? Why are both necessary?


Yeah thats great. So $CRUSH becomes the share token and receives the rewards from the casino, games, Crush Planet and everything else. $NICE is the currency that is used is the Invaderverse to buy, sell, upgrade, and so on. $CRUSH is deflationary, and $NICE is inflationary over 5 years. So we’re inintiating a lot of burn mechanisms for $NICE ($CRUSH has many in play already) to help find inflation. For instance we will have non-partner pools and farms with a higher tax rate, and the taxs will be used to create permanent $CRUSH liquidity, as well as buy back and burn of $NICE. However if the price of $NICE goes down below a certain threshold, say IDO price, the entire tax will be used solely for $NICE burns until it rises above again, There are similar strategies throughout everything we do.


Bitcrush developed a hybrid system The live wallet allows players to choose from demonstrably fair and decentralized gameplay options to complete control your games experience. What is the BitCrush
Hybrid system? What is the purpose of this system? Advantages?


I know this was asked pre-ama, but I just answered this above so let me just refer to that since I’m taking so long


We just finished the segment of:
Twitter questions

Now we move on to the segment of:
Live questions
take the time you want to answer, but answer a minimum of 5 questions


Bitcrush is developing the interoperability of its platform and with a chain like Fantom. So, why did you decide to select precisely Fantom as the next ecosystem you want to venture into? Couldn’t Solana or Heco be ecosystems that will contribute more to your platform?


Great question. So we initally chose FTM as there’s a lot of hype, and I think has more room to the upside than some other projects. That being said Heco is defintiely happening, perhaps even before FTM so keep an eye out on all that


I read that in Invadeverse there will only be 100 existing planets in the game, and only 100 emperors will be minted, does that mean there will only be 100 NFT of Emperors that will control the game? Or really any NFT character can be an emperor?


So only Emperors have full power. That being said we know not everyone who has an NFT will play games, so the 3 next most rare and powerful characters/nfts are the CEO, the General, and the President. We didn’t want un-occupied planets, so if there is a free planet without an Emperor, these 3 may join together to form a Syndicate and act as if they were an Emperor. However the Emperor will have more power and a struggle can happen. Lot’s of fun dynamics take place in game!

@Carmen Chacón

Hello! @moondriver1 @Bcarcade
Currently, most NFT games set high amounts of money for their users to start playing. For this I want to know, Will Invadeverse offer more affordable and cheaper options to its users to play? What is the minimum amount of investment that we can make in Invadeverse to play optimally?


Yes this is great. Just like we’re focusing on P2E(sq), which stands for play to enjoy to earn, I also don’t like pay to play. We are building a comprehensive 10 sided breeding and offspring system, and are incentivising players to donate offspring to new players so that if players want, they can play the entire game for free!


Can you tell us more about bitcrush land inside Sandbox? How much is a bitcrush land worth? What privileges can I get when I own Crush token in the Bitcrush land?


Yes this is great. Just like we’re focusing on P2E(sq), which stands for play to enjoy to earn, I also don’t like pay to play. We are building a comprehensive 10 sided breeding and offspring system, and are incentivising players to donate offspring to new players so that if players want, they can play the entire game for free!

@Sofía Isla

Hello! @moondriver & @Bcarcade
I read that the public out of $NICE will take place today at 5pm UTC. So I’d like to know, What will be the initial price? Where will this event be held? How can I participate in this, are there any kind of necessary requirements to meet?


I can’t find it so I’ll answer this one to clear things up.

Due to the choppy market conditions, we’ve decided to change course and focus our public sale on BSC only, and then expand to FTM and Heco post farm launch. Our comunity and our resources are rooted in BSC so it made sense given the market to pivot a bit.

So here’s what we’re looking at.

Pre-sale is live now. We ‘ve removed conditions to allow anyone who wants to get in the freedom to do so. This will end tomorrow, (Thursday) and then we will be announcing our Public sale on BSC which will likely happen on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Thank you very much for sharing your successful project with our community, we will be waiting for the news and milestones of your project!


Yessss!! Thanks so much for having us. And even if you want to skip the IDO, I would reccomend paying close attention to our Emperor minting in a few weeks. I promise you theyre going to be good to have!

Introducing an entire universe of P2E games, DeFi, NFTs, and open world sandbox all under the Bitcrush umbrella, powered by $CRUSH and $NICE. With some items on the way, and many already playable, blast off into the future of Gamefi and get ready to Crush the metaverse with our entire community of Crushers!

📚More information about Invaderverse:
🌏 Website




Bienvenido a la comunidad hispanohablante más amistosa y educativa que encontrarás en cripto!

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Crypto Legacy - Legado de Cripto

Bienvenido a la comunidad hispanohablante más amistosa y educativa que encontrarás en cripto!

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